Online sign-in period for the 2022 Spring semester

Here you can find the important dates and deadlines regarding the start of the next semester:

Medicover insurance feepayment deadline

5th of January 2022.

Online sign-in period

6th January - 13th January, 2022.

Online sign-in period beyond the deadline

14th January - 09th February, 2022.

Tuition fee payment deadline (1st half for upper-semester students)

18th January 2022.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that the prerequisite of the sign-in process is to settle all your active obligations toward the university.

The Academic Calendar for the 2022 Spring semester is available on Coospace, click here.

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Exam registration period will start from 23 November 2021

Exam registration for the Autumn semester of 2021-2022 will begin on the 23rd November 2021, at 10:00.

Information on Coospace:

Student documents / Exams / Examination guide


Exam registration period: from 23rd November, 2021. 10:00.

Registration for exams of two element courses: from 14th December 2021. 13:00

Examination period (5 weeks): 13th December 2021 – 22nd January 2022.

Registration for retake/repeat retake/grade improvement exams on the resit examination week: from 17th January - 28th January 2022. 10:00

Resit examination week: 24th January – 29th January 2022.

2021. Nov 15.