period for the next semester

Dear Students!


Please be informed, that the sign-in period for the next semester will start on 25th July, 2022.


The Budapest Metropolitan University is planning to organize the education on campus with personal attendance during the 2022/2023 autumn semester.


Important dates and deadlines:

Medicover insurance fee payment deadline (if applicable)

20th July 2022

Without settling this obligation, you cannot sign in.

Online sign-in period (for upper-semester students)

25th July – 1st August 2022

Students with outstanding liabilities cannot sign in.

Tuition fee payment deadline (1st half for upper-semester students)

8th August 2022

The tuition fee will be levied in the Neptun system in EUR currency in two instalments 1-2 days after signing in.

The amount must be on the university’s bank account by 8th August 2022.

In case of a delay in payment a late payment fee will be charged.

Online sign-in period beyond the deadline (for upper-semester students)

2nd – 29th August 2022

10.000 HUF procedural fee will be charged in Neptun.


For more details please read our detailed guide on Coospace.

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Student Feedback

By using our Student Feedback website our students can leave feedback and suggestions for the METU management in any topic at all times.

For visiting the Student Feedback website, please follow the link:

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