Winners of the NPS giveaway

Dear Student, 


Thank you for the valuable NPS survey responses that support the development of our university! 


The prizes for the survey have been drawn, the list of the winners' IDs can be found  

In case of two similar IDs, the password will be used to identify the winner. 


We are waiting for the applications of the winners until June 25, 2023 at the email address


In the e-mail, please provide the ID and password pair, contact phone number and preferred pick-up point. (Nagy Lajos, Rózsa utca, or Infopark campus). 

Our colleagues will contact our winning students within 2 working days from the incoming email.  

Collecting prizes will be available until July 25, 2023. 


Congratulations to the winners! 

May 25. 18:55

The exam registration period starts at 10 a.m. 2nd May 2023

Dear Students,

The exam registration period starts at 10 a.m. 2nd May 2023




Exam registration period

From 10 a.m. 2nd May 2023

Registration for exams of two element courses

From 12 p.m. 23rd May 2023

Practical examination week (for art students)

15th May – 3rd June 2023

Examination period (5 weeks)

22nd May – 23rd June 2023

Registration for retake/repeat retake/grade improvement exams on the resit examination week

From 10 a.m. 19th May – 29th June 2023

Resit examination week

26th – 30th June 2023 


Important! - Contrary to previous practice, now exam fee(s) will be levied automatically in the Neptun system under Finances/Payment menu in two steps: 

  1. On 21st June 2023
  2. On 7th July 2023 (after the retake exam week).


In this case the payment deadline will be 15th September 2023. 


A detailed examination guide is available on Coospace. You are kindly requested to read it thoroughly before starting to register for your exams. 

Examination guide for full-time students: Documents / Information for Students /Exams Examination Guide 2022-23-2.pdf. 

Examination guide for guest students: Documents / Information for Students/ Guest students/Examination /Exam registration guide for guest students 2022-23-2.pdf


We wish you best of luck with your exams! 

May 02. 10:58